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I was a member of the St Paul Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps when it was decided we would go to the 1960 Boy Scout Jamboree to be held in Colorado Springs, CO.

We worked for a long time before the trip selling stuff  - salt-water taffee, lightbulbs, candy bars - before we went so our individual costs would not be so high.  For most of us, our families didn't have the money to send us, so fund-raising was the answer. 

I remember us working at a big Winter Carnival ice-fishing contest on Lake Phalen, walking around selling hot dogs, hot chocolate + coffee.  The more you worked, the more went toward your trip.  This was MUCH better than going door-to-door selling the other stuff.  I believe we did concessions at the Annual local Scout-A-Rama at the coliseum, too.

I'm sure our parents' friends dreaded seeing our faces - we seemed to be always hitting them up with another fund-raising venture.

This trip was a really big deal to me!  Even though I had been in the corps for over two years by now, i had only seen the upper Midwest - snow-covered mountains in July were an amazement!

I was 12, and I must admit, kinda homesick sometimes.  The trip could not have been any better and I grew up a lot.  (I'm almost finished with that part now...)

This was my first use of a camera, my Mom's old Kodak as I recall.  I've included some pictures and other memorabilia, too.

If you have any pictures to add, please e-mail me, or bring 'em over and I'll scan them into my huge Scout picture file.

Train station in Williston, ND

I was awed by mountains just "coming right out of the plains" in Montana and snow in July!!

112* in Williston, ND

Hot springs in Yellowstone Park

Our mess tent

SPS front gate

The amphitheatre for each evening's entertainment

A couple other front gates
I was impressed by...

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