It has been suggested that it might be nice, and perhaps create a more significant and substantial website, to allow members to contribute memorials and memories about their experiences, friendships, and memories of their participating in SPS.

Right now, we have lists of names, dates, roles played, etc.

But although it's very informative and interesting, I can't help wondering what it would be like if we could actually share stories, memories, etc. somehow on the website.  Kind of like we do when we get together and visit.

There must be so many interesting and wonderful stories we can share about what it was like to be in the St. Paul Scouts "back in the day."  And when I think of the people who are now gone, there must be so many stories about them, who they were, what they did, the friendships that we developed, etc.

This will be a page with such stories and memories from members.

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Let's start off with Rog Broderson's speech
from our 2006 50-year Reunion Banquet...

E-mail me with yours...

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